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The best sales teams, and the best solutions, are taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence to improve results.

After all, the human mind is not always able to process all the data it has at hand and nothing better than good help from machines to gain insights and determine what can be done to improve your business process, right?

In the post about Ozymandias, Reev’s AI module, we promise to bring more and more news on this subject, do you remember?

So we’re delivering on our promise with another sweeping new feature: Ozzy Tasks!

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  2. How can Timing change a sale?
  3. What’s the solution then?
  4. Ozzy Tasks
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Tell me more about it…

We know how the salesperson’s daily life is full of tasks: he needs to send emails, make calls, contact leads via LinkedIn, among others.

However, as if so many tasks were not enough to be performed, he still needs to know the correct timing to perform them, right?

When is it interesting to call a particular lead? When is the best time to send an email? Which leads are most interesting that I prioritize contacting them in my day? There are many decisions to be made!

​If you already have or work with a well-structured Inbound process, you know how important it is to respond quickly to your leads (and how Reev helps you organize all attempts with agility).

Just to remember: the probability of connecting with a lead within 5 minutes of your conversion is 100x greater than if you try after 30 minutes. It’s not 5, 10 or 20… It’s 100x more likely to talk to someone interested in buying.

How can Timing change a sale?

One of the things we know is Sales Engagement tools, in general, only help you in the efficiency and organization of your process. They generate interesting and important analytics, but they usually stop there :/

And how can you improve this?

One of the biggest challenges of any Outbound process is to increase the connection and reduce the waste rate in different stages of your funnel, isn’t it?

Do you know that lead that answers your email or LinkedIn, but disappears and goes weeks or months without responding?

In these cases, the big problem is TIMING.

Sales teams need to find the best time to connect with their leads and there are two challenges:

  1. Communication via email and other channels can be asynchronous: while this generates a benefit, which is that the lead chooses when to respond to your email, it can also lead to forgetfulness and your email being lost in the inbox.
  2. Calls and other attempts to connect directly outside of the correct timing have very little effectiveness. What is the use of always calling a lead at times when he has a meeting, reserved to perform tasks that require concentration? The lead meets you grudgingly or in a hurry and makes the rapport necessary to make progress difficult.

What’s the solution then?

Imagine a scenario where, in addition to the Inbound leads that raise their hand, your team knows exactly when to contact all leads.

This is the perfect world! The problem is, what if a lead is available and I’m not?
And how do I follow up, throughout the day, who I call, send emails, and do other activities?

Reev already has Live Feed, a way to view lead interactions with their contact attempts, but it takes work to filter all interactions throughout the day and define which tasks and leads are best to contact.

As you already know, Reev himself is here to cut down on his sales team’s work. Making it easier to perform tasks is a step that most tools try to take, but we help you go further.

That’s why it’s now possible to know the best activities to do smartly (and effortlessly)!

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Ozzy Tasks

Ozzy Tasks is an artificial intelligence algorithm with suggestions of activities to be performed by sellers that, at that specific moment, will have more chances of success if performed!

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

The tasks generated by Ozzy will show you:

  • Which leads you can prioritize to be contacted in your day;
  • Which task is most interesting to be performed for that lead;
  • The predefined time to perform the task;

And of course, the trend is for him to learn more and more and create smarter and smarter activities 😉

So it is! Does your team have free time?

Ozzy Tasks on them!

Now, it is possible to know what the best activities are according to the interaction of each lead with their contact attempts.

Do you know that lead that has been unanswered for weeks?

If he opens his email, Ozzy Tasks will analyze when the next activity is scheduled for him to create an on-the-spot task for his team to hit the timing and get the connection.

What about the thousands of leads in the contact base that were lost but can re-engage?

It’s only if they show the slightest sign of interest that Ozzy will help you try to get them back and add a little fat to your goal!

That’s intelligence for your lead contact process.

For those who already run the Inbound or Outbound process, response rates tend to improve if your team follows the Ozzy Tasks. Imagine the following:

  1. The lead converted to Inbound and went to my Inbound Service Flow. Didn’t answer the first phone contact, but opened my email 3 hours later! Ozzy Tasks will create a new connection task for your seller to get the connection
  2. I’m prospecting for a lead and it opens my email, but it doesn’t read. Instead of analyzing this interaction only when calling or sending an email in the next activity in the flow, Ozzy lets your salesperson know it’s time to call and be able to talk to the lead while the idea is fresh in your head
  3. Do you know that lead that receives the proposal, opens it several times, but never responds? Now you can call him right when you’re analyzing the proposal!

I can guarantee you, be prepared to hear many:

“Wow, what a coincidence! I was looking at your email right now!”

Guaranteed rapport and just go to closing.

How to view Ozzy Tasks

In Reev, click on Tasks and scroll down a little to see the specific area with the tasks generated by Ozzy:

In this area, if Ozzy identifies a task that is interesting to be carried out at the moment, it will be created as a suggestion for the activity to be carried out, as above.

Then you might ask: but if I don’t want to do this specific task, will it be late and will it accumulate in my task area?

Well, if for some reason you cannot perform the task at the moment, it will be active in the Ozzy Tasks area for a period of up to 24 hours. When this period expires, it disappears automatically. After all, the best time to do the task has passed and Ozzy will redo the analysis for the next tasks 😉

​If the salesperson performs the task, he can mark it as Done, just as he does with the common tasks in the task area. If the salesperson creates a common task for a particular contact that is being suggested in Ozzy Tasks, the task Ozzy also disappears automatically.

Easier, impossible!


Ozzy Tasks is another help for you to get in touch with leads at the right time, which can generate more opportunities and increase your sales!
This makes it very easy to sell more!

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