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With so many tools released on the market daily to make life easier for marketing people, it is often difficult to choose the ones that are worth using. After all, every tool has its learning moment and testing everything that comes up can be quite unproductive.

If you want to know the tools that the Outbound Marketing team uses frequently, check below:

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  1. Metrics and SEO Tools
  2. Monitoring Tools
  3. Keywords Tools
  4. Tools for Personas
  5. WordPress Tools
  6. Multichannel digital marketing tools
  7. Conclusion

Metrics and SEO Tools

1. SEMrush

Paid keyword tracking tool. It is the right arm of any content strategist, as it has the largest database of keywords in Portuguese for consultation and allows you to check the history of the site itself and competing sites to understand the traffic estimate. Furthermore, it is possible to use the tool for active prospecting.

2. Screaming Frog 

Paid tool (the free one is very limited), which allows you to scan an entire website and understand its structure. With this, you can identify structural errors and make corrections to your site for optimization. It is a basic tool for those who want to start technical optimizations in SEO.

3. Moz Bar

Free tool for domain authority verification. It is an extension that installs on Google Chrome or Firefox. In addition to the DA (Domain Authority) check, you can check the PA (Page Authority) and the internal and external links. It’s even more useful for those who pay for Moz Pro, but I don’t recommend it to Brazil yet.

4. Moz Content

Paid tool, but with one free use per month. With this tool it is possible to know the average size of your posts, which range of text size in words performs best, which authors are the best, which texts have more shares. It’s really great for content planning.

5.  Link Assistant

A free and paid tool that is divided into 4 parts, which are:

  • LinkAssistant – Tool to find external link-building opportunities. It’s an old SEO tactic that, if not done correctly, can lead to penalties by Google.
  • Rank Tracker – Track your website’s keywords. It’s a bit heavy, you need a powerful PC for a large number of keywords, usually above 100.
  • SEO SpyGlass – Tool to check the backlinks your website has. Very good.
  • WebSite Auditor – Tool similar to Screaming Frog.

Backlink Tools

1. Majestic

Free and paid tool for checking and tracking backlinks. Very useful, especially for sites with higher volumes of content production and guest posts, being able to check with greater precision which texts receive more links naturally. It is an excellent ally to take stock of the performance of your content strategy on a regular basis.

2. Link Assistant’s SEO SpyGlass

Free and paid tool. Check the backlinks pointing to your site using the main internet link monitoring sources, including Majestic.

Monitoring Tools

1. Google Trends

Free Google tool to understand the search for a given term over time. Very important for identifying trends, helping to drive content creation.

2. Google Alerts

Another free tool from Google. This is to follow what we have mentioned on the internet. For example, if your company works in the customer success area, you can post a “customer success” alert and follow any mention of the term on the internet.

3. Feedly

Free tool in which you can centralize most sites that produce content for reading. With this, you can easily follow what companies are writing, being able to increasingly produce contextualized content. Very interesting for those who speak English and follow American companies.


A free tool that notifies you if a rule you have determined happens. Excellent for tracking hashtags and Twitter mentions. It is possible to save the results in spreadsheets, thus centralizing the occurrences. There are endless possibilities.

5. Buzzsume

Paid tool, excellent for tracking mentions of topics on the internet, discover influencers and also understand which type of text performs best on a website. With this, you can draw a content strategy to go head-to-head with your competitors.

It is not a tool to be used on a daily basis, especially for its value, but if your strategy is built for longer periods (3 months), it is worth using it as a support tool.

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Keywords Tools

1. Keyword planner

Free Google tool, the best to know the amount of search for a given term and similar search. It doesn’t offer much beyond that, but it’s a guide and should be used for every new text that is planned.

2. Keyword Tool

A free tool that shows you which searches are associated with a search term. For example, if you search for “petit” on Google without hitting enter, it will show you “gateau”. This information is important for discovering terms that are searched together, especially for long-tail keyword strategies.

3. SEMrush

After going through tools 1 and 2, SEMrush should be used to reinforce the strategy.

4. Link Assistant Rank Tracker

Free and paid tool. Keep track of your keywords using your computer’s resources. Very good for those who don’t want to invest in SEMrush right away.

Tools for Personas

1. Rock Content Persona and Digital Results 

Free tool for structuring personas. Good for starting the process and then evolving with validations and research.

2. Persona Hubspot

Also a free tool for creating personas. It’s an alternative for those who don’t like the first one.

WordPress Tools

1. Hotjar

Paid tool to track heat maps, scroll maps and surveys. Very good because it gathers everything in one place, which makes the price interesting.

2. SumoMe

A free tool with several functions, including social sharing, opt-ins and heat maps. A good replacement for Hotjar, for departments with few resources.

3. AddThis

Free social sharing and content referral tool. It’s aesthetically prettier than SumoMe and doesn’t have the company’s branding.

4. WP Viral Quiz

Paid plugin for creating quizzes. Very practical and beautiful. Allows you to capture emails at the end of the quiz, which can be interesting for some lead generation strategies.

5.  Inline Related Posts

Free plugin for recommending content within a text. Great to be placed in places where your readers are starting to stop reading.

6. Better Anchor Links

A free plugin that allows you to include Anchor Links (index) at the beginning of each post. It’s quite useful for making it easy for readers to navigate a post, especially for sites that produce great content.

7.  Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

A free and very good plugin to track Google Analytics metrics right on your WordPress dashboard/dashboard. Don’t waste time accessing GA all the time and always check your access every time you manage your website.

Multichannel digital marketing tools

SendPulse is a multi-channel platform that allows SMS sending, web push notifications, email marketing and 360 automation.

And the best part: all features come with a free plan.

It also has a simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to develop campaigns with over 100 free templates, and monitor their results.

Click here to know the platform.


I hope you liked our list. We only cite tools that we use and recommend to our customers, so you can be sure they are worth checking out and using them.

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