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Sales is a matter of no seasonality, you know. After all, we want to sell well throughout the year. But in this text, I will address the obstacles that arise after the long-awaited turn of the year.

If you still don’t have your sales process well structured and don’t know how to prospect by any date, we teach you the way of the stones in the  Complete Guide to Sales Success.

Now, if you already have a good result, haven’t lost your focus and want to start the new year with everything, you can continue with this reading.

In fact, prospecting at the beginning of the year is a challenge. It’s very difficult to get the attention of leads at a time when everyone is head over heels for summer vacation and planning to mend the New Year’s Seven Waves with Carnival, wouldn’t you agree?

But, as your mother used to say, you are not everyone, right? The seller has to give results!

Unfortunately, there is nothing magical you can do in the first days of the new year to prospect more. It will not be the requests for Iemanjá at the turn of the year that will bring you that dreamed MQL…

The way is for you to put in a lot of effort and make adaptations to your process with the greatest possible organization, in order to obtain the best results in this complicated period!

So I will indicate some actions that can help you in this endeavor. After all, do you want to look like a boring flyer deliverer or the expert who knows the way to a new year of results?

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  1. look back before moving on
  2. Focus on New Year’s promises
  3. Remember that the year goes by flying
  4. Turn the holiday mood into strategy
  5. Adjust your flow to vacation
  6. Don’t put lead generation on recess
  7. New year, new information

look back before moving on

This is a tip that works even in the rush of the holiday season. It is essential to always be aware of success stories and leads that you have not been able to evolve in the sales funnel over the past year.

If you were stuck between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and haven’t started this review, get started now!

Assessing what caused current customers to close and why many others did not materialize helps to better guide your processes.

Plus, you might discover the chance to get back in touch with leads that have been left behind. If lead generation is weak, rescue the ones that have already gone through your funnel.

Do you know that prospect who wasn’t timing the purchase when you talked? Maybe now is the perfect opportunity!

Focus on New Year’s promises

As I mentioned in the topic above, the new year is a good opportunity to engage a lead that was left behind last year.

That’s because, although many people are more into solzão, praião, festão and enjoyment, there is still pressure to do something different in the year that started.

You know, January is renewal season. Many people are looking for changes and rethinking their choices, evaluating where and how they can improve for the new year. And, let’s face it, resolutions that aren’t put into practice now will probably stay for next year.

Why not be the expert who will lead the way to a successful new year? Help the lead live up to the promises he made!

Identify your lead’s resolutions and make them realize that it is through your service or product that they will reap the rewards throughout the year.

Remember that the year goes by flying

Now that summer has arrived and carnival is just around the corner, it’s more practical to leave the business for later, focus on bronze and beer until the country is back in business, isn’t it?


You need to sell now. And, when prospecting at the beginning of the year, it’s essential to rescue your lead’s urgency and make him see why it’s important to hear your proposal at this time.

As good as that summer break is, it’s over!

Remind the lead that the year goes by too quickly.

Present a special condition or a point that arouses his interest, such as competition, to reinforce why now is the best time for a partnership.

For example, starting today, he will go ahead of the competitor who will wait for the carnival to pass. Show him that!

Turn the holiday mood into strategy

We already know the anatomy of the ideal prospecting email, but a            3cspecial time calls for a special approach, right?

Customize your email templates and draw attention by making some mention of this period. Talk about new beginnings, challenges, and trends for the new year.

Do you know the difficulties we are going through in finding leads? You can even mention them!

Your lead may be on the same page, trying to stay focused on results while his customers are at the beach, just thinking about a vacation.

This is a good way to build empathy and make him want to respond to you. After all, you are in the same boat.

And you know, this process of gaining the lead’s trust is just as important in an Outbound email as it is in Inbound strategies. He must trust that you are the best person to solve his problem, it is important to demonstrate your knowledge and ability, as well as the human side.

We talk more about it here:  Rapport – What does it mean and how important is it for sales?

Adjust your flow to vacation

At this time, it’s very common to burn a lead that didn’t respond because it’s on vacation. But this vacation will be over and you will have missed a hell of a chance!

Therefore, make a good analysis of your cadence flow and assess the need for possible changes in the follow-ups.

Decreasing your cadence flow through less spaced contacts can ensure that you will keep in touch with the lead until you can qualify. The important thing is to try your best not to let things get cold!

You want to generate value now, to prospect at the beginning of the year, and not have to wait until March, keeping the lead’s interest for three months, right?

But also know when to interrupt and accept to postpone the contact so as not to strain your relationship with the lead.

new Year

You don’t want to disturb the lead while he takes a Jet Ski ride, do you?

Otherwise, it is very likely that, for you, he will never come back from vacation…

Don’t put lead generation on recess

Even if lost contacts are resumed throughout the year, the conversion rate at that time will be even lower.

Even if your process is well optimized, you will find leads that are on collective vacation.

This makes it even more important to maintain a good lead survey when prospecting early in the year, even if you’re not generating a lot of MQL.

Don’t get carried away by discouragement and keep following all the processes. When you least expect it, that email response arrives. 😉

New year, new information

In addition to paying special attention to the points mentioned, it is essential that you are always up to date on what is going on in the market in which you operate.

Find out about the scenario in which your potential customers are inserted. The more you know about what they’re going through, the better you can show how much you alone have the solution they need. And, if there is no doubt that you have the best solution, the possibility of buying it for later is much smaller!

Using these tips and keeping the procedures always aligned, it is possible to avoid the difficulties of any time of year.

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I hope you can reap good results this month and the next 12! And of course, in case you have any questions, just send me an email:

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