We all know that content marketing is today’s golden girl. Far beyond just being a writing process, we have several activities that must be done and not mentioned, such as SEO and article promotion (on social media, forums and other channels).

All of this makes it seem, at times, that words act magically to, by themselves, generate more traffic to your website. It is at these times that I repeat to myself:

“Great content isn’t enough anymore.”

Translated, it means: “Quality content is no longer enough”. Also, you need to do a great process of analysis, optimization and promotion to bring in more traffic. So we decided to create this text explaining How to generate more traffic and use SEO.

It is these two processes (how to analyze and how to optimize) that make all the difference and are often not mentioned. In this article we’re going to have a greater focus on analytics for content creation and how to generate more traffic, also giving optimization tips.

There are four tasks to be done, not in a specific order but at any time, that lead to good results.

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  1. Analyze competitors
  2. Evaluate opportunities to generate more traffic
  3. Analyze existing content
  4. Analyze industry content
  5. 3 Individual Tactics That Lead To Generate More Traffic

Analyze competitors

Just as we have the hidden client in the Outbound process , made by Commercial Intelligence , we have, in content creation, the Competitor Analysis through SEO to understand your competitor’s strategy and what is leading you to a certain result.

We can divide this assessment into 4 phases:

  1. Identify your potential competitors: This should always be done at the beginning of an SEO campaign and you don’t just have to look at market competitors.   Also look for competitors in Google’s search ranking, after all, some other company may seek the same customer profile as you, despite offering a different solution;
  2. Validate your possible competitors: At this stage, you should check if they are really well-positioned in Google search. Prefer less competitive keywords, as they represent new opportunities to bring quick and easy traffic
  3. Compare yourself to the competition : Comparing and scoring where you are positioned is the first step in setting a quantitative goal that you want to meet or surpass your competitor. Looking at search engine visibility metrics such as Estimated Traffic, Number of External Links, Domain Authority, among others, will provide insight and direction for your strategy;
  4. Select your keywords: Now is the time to review the previous steps and select your keywords. This phase already directs you to the next strategy.

Evaluate opportunities to generate more traffic

Assessing the opportunity to generate traffic is like measuring the size of the market your company can reach.

You can search Google Adwords Keyword Planner and know the number of searches for certain keywords.

The detail is having the patience and creativity to search, knowing the unfolding of each one of them and grouping them into similar categories.

It is also important to know in the search process which keywords are not in your traffic scope.

If you work in service sales, you don’t want keywords like mobile sales listed in your search. Do you agree?

So choose only the ones that are related to your sales scope and they will bring you qualified leads.

Analyze existing content

Assessing content is always a bit daunting as there is no clear methodology for doing this.

It is also very easy to forget to analyze old texts given the need to always be writing new newsletters. But if you want to achieve a high level of traffic, conversion and user experience, it needs to be done.

Evaluating existing articles is not simply looking for information that is out of date and removing or updating it. You can look for gaps between them, you can find a blog post that can become an ebook or be explored in a different way with other writing formats.

On a deeper level, you must understand the information architecture that brings people to your blog and what needs to be improved.

Use Analytics features to evaluate the performance of your posts and use your creativity too.

Analyze industry content

In addition to searching for keywords that are related to your industry and that should be used to plan your content, it’s also important to check what content is being shared, liked and getting a high level of engagement.

In addition to Evergreen content, those content that are always relevant to the reader, you can create specific content that fits the moment, that news and news used only as a way to generate extra traffic.

It takes a recurrent content analysis, but keeping your mind on what is happening is a good start.

3 Individual Tactics That Lead To Generate More Traffic

Use the authority of established blogs as a way to generate traffic to your corporate blog.

Always think of win-win relationships, where you produce a text with excellent content for someone in your niche and in response you sign as an expert author in the area they are involved.

Tips: avoid many links that redirect to your site, after all, you are there as a partner.

Reach influencers in your industry to build an audience that is expert in the subject you’re involved in and seek feedback on what you’re doing.

In addition to creating something that is useful to your customers, you must promote them to people.

Have a killer email pitch , which is a written presentation that spells out who you and your company are, what you do, and why it’s relevant to the recipient. And that it be simple and clearly show what the win-win relationship is for these partners.

Make it easy for any influencer to talk about you. Be they journalists, bloggers or promoters of your product and services.

Keep a pitch on your page that makes it easy for people to understand and share with anyone else what your organization is doing.

Make a simple and rich material with a pitch of your company, your logo, how your solution or service works, cases and so on. What you need is that any communication about your company be simple and assertive regardless of who makes it. It makes sense?


In this article, we present strategies to understand the scenario you are involved in and plan your first steps in an SEO campaign with practical tips for you to generate more traffic.

We’ve set out the 4 tasks you can do at any stage of your campaign to improve your results.

They were: evaluating competitors, evaluating their traffic potential, analyzing existing and industry content. Do you know of any tasks that are also essential when planning a campaign?

We also talked about 3 tactics to generate more traffic to your page. They were: Using blogs that are already established and that are in your work niche, find influencers to promote your service and facilitate communication about your company to these influencers.
If you want to suggest any more tactics to generate more traffic, or ask any questions, comment below and let’s talk.

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