traditional marketing

Traditional Marketing – Origins of Outbound and Inbound

You've already seen on our blog how Outbound Marketing evolved, from its beginning full of charlatans to its evolution to a scalable and measurable process. Today, however, we will briefly parallel the evolution of Inbound and its importance to the Outbound process. Currently, what mostly happens in Marketing is people painting Inbound as the most innovative tactic of all time,

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sales conversations

How to generate authority and control a call?

Tell me something, do you know how to control a conversation? Do you know how to generate authority and guide your meetings? If you already know and want to improve even more, or if you don't yet and need to learn to take control and stop being controlled, now is the time. Come with me! These days, shoppers are getting smarter and

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Why record your sales team’s business calls?

When we talk about inside sales, we know that one of the biggest challenges for managers is to keep track of all the activities of their salespeople. The objective is not only to obtain metrics and numbers from your sales process but to find where the main gaps and points of improvement are, in order to optimize them even more.

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bad sale

How Bad Sales Planning Can End Your Year

Today, I want to share a real case where I suffered for a whole year, thanks to poorly done sales planning. I imagine he can help you find some of your problems these days, as we closed the first quarter and I know a lot of people are already worried about the rest of the year. If you're part of

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