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More and more companies are betting on content marketing as part of their strategy to establish and maintain a brand in the market. But many end up forgetting that it also has a very important role in boosting their sales. And believe me, it can be very powerful.
The question is how to make your content convert more.
And it’s to help you win and retain your customers that we research and gather the knowledge of our team, creating a powerful list full of content marketing tips for you to use to boost your sales.
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  1. 1. Create content for visitors at various stages of the sales funnel
  2. 2. Merge old posts into an e-book
  3. 3. Use different channels to promote your content
  4. 4. Offer the simplest answers on each subject covered.
  5. 5. Create and track conversion metrics
  6. 6. Offer demonstrations
  7. 7. Invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  8. 8. Don’t forget the power of email
  9. 9. Bet on mobile devices
  10. 10. Post posts regularly to your blog
  11. 11. Insert buttons from your social networks next to your content
  12. 12. Keep a close eye on your Analytics

1. Create content for visitors at various stages of the sales funnel

If you are already managing your sales funnel, you know very well what steps are necessary for conversion and, mainly, what questions the visitor, lead or prospect asks at each of these moments.
Therefore, your marketing must take this into account when offering material to answer each of these questions.

2. Merge old posts into an e-book

Just because material has already been posted doesn’t mean that it can’t be reused anymore. A great idea is to reprint this material in the form of an e-book and from it get precious information that will help qualify your lead and increase the chances of making the sale.
#TicaExtraRelated: also enjoy your presentations at events in the medium, sharing in PDF or SlideShare format to your audience.

3. Use different channels to promote your content

This digital marketing tip is already known, but it’s worth repeating: work all your channels together, to expand access, shares, and, with that, more sales opportunities. Your social networks, email, the blog you created, your website… That way your persona is much more likely to see – and be interested in – your content.

4. Offer the simplest answers on each subject covered.

If you haven’t done this research yet, take the opportunity to talk to your sales team (don’t forget the importance of salespeople ): and ask them what are the most frequent questions about your product or service.
You will see that doubts are often much simpler and basic than you might think. Therefore, avoid complications (between technical and other specificities).

5. Create and track conversion metrics

We can only know the result of an investment if we have metrics to assess what has been achieved. One of the facilities of content marketing comes exactly from the number of tools available to know the effectiveness of each tool and content.

6. Offer demonstrations

If a person still does not know a product or service, as much as he wants to, it is normal that there is a certain fear in order to close the deal.
So, take advantage of your content dissemination channels to offer demonstrations of your product or service to the customer. If he has already been hooked by the relevance of what you produce, taking a test will be much more likely to close a deal.

7. Invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Who has never used a research tool that casts the first stone? In order to find something on the internet, it is more than common to turn to Google, Yahoo! or the like to find the answer.
And even with sponsored link services, you need to invest in optimizing your site with SEO strategies in order to have a better ranking – organic, in other words, free of charge – in search results.

8. Don’t forget the power of email

Sometimes, in the daily rush, we don’t have time to look for the answers to what we need or want, always waiting for later.
But many people have already absorbed it as part of the routine of checking emails. So, how about using this moment to offer your audience the answers they can’t get through email marketing? Chances are, he’ll end up thanking you (becoming a customer) for helping him optimize and enjoy his time.

9. Bet on mobile devices

We talk about checking emails and social media.
And a fact that cannot be ignored is that this access, increasingly, is made from smartphones and tablets. So, don’t forget about them when promoting campaigns! Create unique actions for these users (through apps and the like) and don’t forget to make your website and blog friendly to these users.

10. Post posts regularly to your blog

As relevant as your content is, it won’t do much to boost sales if it’s not constant. To increase conversions, people need to learn to trust your brand and know that you can deliver what you promise. If she notices that you’ve given up on your content marketing halfway through, it’s much harder to believe those promises.
Constant content will also help with SEO, your social networks, email marketing and everything else that depends on exchanging information to establish itself.

11. Insert buttons from your social networks next to your content

The more people who have access to your content, the better! Being sure of the quality of the material, its constancy and capacity to generate leads, it is necessary to make it reach the greatest number of people possible!
And nowadays technology and the internet have made the process much easier, with buttons that allow you, with just a few taps, to share with your network of contacts something that could be the answer to an old question, ready to be solved.

12. Keep a close eye on your Analytics

A lot of people want to produce relevant content, but don’t really know what might work.
And even those who are already an expert on the subject sometimes wonder which way to go. The answers are often right there in your Analytics report. Always take a moment to look at the search terms that led to your site and what the most popular post subjects are.
Thus, you are able to produce more of what works and less of what is not giving the expected result.
So, did you like our content marketing tips? Remember that they only really work if you start to see it as a necessary investment to reach more people and markets than you could even imagine. After all, borders are much smaller on the web!
If you think there was a missing tip here or want more information about the effectiveness of content marketing, please use the comments area.
We always want to know what you think and how we can help you succeed!

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