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    China's One Child Policy: Forcing People To Abort Almost Full Term Babies

    AlJazeera has just released this video (see below) today of a Chinese couple forced to have an abortion by the Chinese authorities. AlJazeera's Melissa Chan traveled to a hospital in the southeastern city of Xiamen where she interviewed the Chinese woman who has been forced by the state to abort her 8-month-old fetus in order to comply with China's one child policy.

    The Chinese one child policy, deemed as the biggest experiment of it's kind in social engineering in the modern history, has received much criticism. It results in an estimated 13 million abortions each year, at least some of which are 'ordered' by the state. And many believe that the 13 million figure, which is 'officially' reported is a gross underestimation of the actual number of abortions taking place in China. 

    I don't really need to write anything more on this subject, as the video pretty much speaks for itself. This is atrocious. Here's AlJazeera's disturbing video (2min 9 sec long):

    ~ Gauri

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