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    Inland Fisheries

    The UN hosted the global biodiversity conference this week at Nagoya, Japan. Following information about the inland fisheries is from the UNEP ('United Nations Environment Programme'): 

    • Globally rivers and lakes provide 13 million tons of fish annually with the true figure perhaps as much as 30 million tons due to under reporting of catches. 
    • These inland fisheries are generating 60 million full and part time jobs in fishing and other activities such as processing with over half these jobs carried out by women.
    • Close to 70% of the total inland catch is in Asia with 25% in Africa and around 4% in Latin America. Much is consumed domestically underlining the critical importance to the people and economies of the developing world.
    •  Latest figures show that in the United States, 35 million people or 18% of the population aged 16 years or older, spent $38 billion on fishing in freshwaters-0.5% of GDP. In the European Union an estimated 25 million anglers, mainly fishing freshwaters, spend more than $8 billion a year.
    • Construction of dams and levees, diversion of water, overharvesting, water pollution, deforestation, urbanization, draining wetlands and climate change: all are detrimental to the survival of inland fisheries. 

    ~ Gauri

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